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Choose Polycarbonate. Choose Double Glazing Systems

Choose polycarbonate. Choose Double Glazing Systems

Hundreds of times stronger than glass, easier to get to site and more cost-effective to supply – that’s why so many in the conservatory and glazing business are turning to Double Glazing Systems’s multiwall, (‘M structure’, 10XES and ‘X structure’) polycarbonate sheeting as their glazing solution. Double Glazing Systems offers the industry’s largest range from a manufacturer renowned for leading the way in polycarbonate innovation.

“Our polycarbonate sheeting offers the kind of solution installers and specifiers are looking for,” explains the Double Glazing Systems UK Sales and Marketing Manager. “It’s versatile, lightweight, easy to move to site and install, and yet offers properties which match or beat glass in terms of insulation, UV transmission, material strength and more. That’s why we’re now dealing with businesses and individuals on all levels – from small conservatory installation companies to architects with major developers.”

In addition to the sheeting (available in numerous thicknesses, wall numbers, colours and finishes – including IR Gold and IR Blue), Double Glazing Systems also supplies all the glazing bar systems and accessories to complete the job. The company has also enjoyed a boom in demand for its ready-made solutions, including lean-tos and canopies (Maxiport) supplied as all-in-one packages that are incredibly easy to install.

“Working with Double Glazing Systems really is simple”, “Supply us with the required dimensions or the broad spec of your development project and we’ll come back with exactly what you need to make that project a success.”

The Double Glazing Systems range of polycarbonate sheeting has been an industry success story since 1980, and since 1990 has been imported from hi-tech European manufacturing facilities and distributed nationally via the UK business. In 1998 the Double Glazing Systems Aluminium Bar System brand was established in response to customer demand, offering a single port of call for access to not only the sheeting but also all the required accessories and glazing bar systems (for either polycarbonate and glass). These days, Double Glazing Systems is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of polycarbonate sheeting.

Over 20 years of glazing innovation – that’s what you’ll find at Double Glazing Systems UK, your distributor for world-renowned structured polycarbonate sheet and glazing bar systems.

For more information on Double Glazing Systems’s product range, call 01495 244323.

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