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Double Glazing Systems products are the building blocks of the perfect glazing project.

That message counts for all the different customer types that we serve, from self-build enthusiasts to architects working on major developments.

Our clients:

Architects– aesthetically pleasing, energy-saving and ideal for passive building temperature control, our polycarbonate sheeting range is ideal for numerous structure types, from houses (conservatory roofing/building, swimming pool enclosures) to stadia (polycarbonate roofs, plastic roof tiles) and everything in between.

Developers – Double Glazing Systems is able to supply development projects on any scale, including residential schemes and commercial buildings.

Distributors – we work closely with a number of glazing distribution companies who take advantage of our quick turnaround, great value and industry-renowned product innovation.

Manufacturers – we invite conservatory and glazing system manufacturers to utilise Double Glazing Systems polycarbonate sheeting and accessories in their designs, providing their own customers with the best the market has to offer with high quality building materials.

Installers – one of our core markets, conservatory and glazing installers working with developers or the public can take advantage of our ready supply of industry-leading products, all at the best value.

End users – at the end of the day, it’s the people who live and work in the environments we create that are getting the most out of Double Glazing Systems ! Whether it be a canopy for you patio, roofing for a retractable swimming pool enclosure or windows and roofing for a new conservatory, you can trust in Double Glazing Systems’s high quality polycarbonate sheets, glazing bar systems and accessories

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