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Modulit® Curtain Walling – An Architect’s Dream

Modulit® curtain walling – An architect’s dream

The self-supporting multiwall polycarbonate from Double Glazing Systems, Modulit® has been designed specifically for use in vertical wall applications.

Perfect for use in both the civil and industrial sectors, Modulit® offers critical weather resistance from all types of extreme weather conditions. Its UV protection reduces the effect of sun-damage and discolouration when exposed to the elements. Able to withstand high wind speeds, rain and heavy snow – the latter thanks to its high load capacity, Modulit® is the perfect choice for large-spanning areas.

As well as being able to withstand extremes in the weather, Modulit® displays significant fire performance – a key feature when selecting a polycarbonate that is required to meet health and safety standards.

Being lightweight, its transport costs are substantially less than its glass alternative and the likelihood of it being damaged in transit is almost zero – it’s virtually indestructible.

As well as the obvious performance benefits, Modulit® is also easy to install – its unique male/female configuration and lightweight aluminium framing profiles mean it can be installed by just about anyone.

With all of these benefits it’s obvious why Modulit® is one of Double Glazing Systems most successful products and why it’s beating its rivals – both glass and polycarbonate – to become the product of choice for installers, suppliers and end-users alike.

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