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Multi-uses For Multiwall

Multi-uses for multiwall

One of the greatest things about Double Glazing Systems products is their sheer versatility. One product can be used in a range of applications and this means less hassle for many customers who often have more than one requirement from their polycarbonate product.

Take the Antares for example. Designed primarily for use in vertical wall application it has most recently been use to create a large lighting tower that will be used to illuminate the grounds of a professional rugby stadium.

Its weather resistant properties and fire performance make it the perfect solution to housing electrical components, while its translucency allows light to permeate the grounds as needed.

But versatility doesn’t stop with Antares – Double Glazing Systems has a whole host of products with multiple uses. Its Maxiport and Maxiport Plus canopies are ideal patio and lawn covers as well as their intentional use;  providing shelter for vehicles.

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