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Polycarbonate Multiwall Athermic

Polycarbonate Multiwall Athermic

Another incredible innovation from Double Glazing Systems UK, Athermic Heatshield is the perfect solution to excessive heat build up in conservatories.

Co-extruded into the topmost layer, Athermic Heatshield’s reflective finish can be applied to any of Macolux’s polycarbonate sheets including Multiwall.

Clear roofed conservatories are often limited to installing vents and blinds to combat excessive heat build up, but now thanks to Athermic Heatshield, that is no longer the case and homeowners everywhere can benefit from its unique temperature regulating properties.

Independently tested against standard triple wall polycarbonate sheets, Athermic Heatshield has been shown to significantly reduce the total amount of solar energy penetration. Its UV resistant barrier offers outstanding resistance to ageing and discoloration while maintaining the sheet’s strength and durability.

Stronger than glass and virtually unbreakable when subjected to extreme conditions, Double Glazing Systems polycarbonate sheet is lightweight and easily transported. Unlike glass, Double Glazing Systems’s polycarbonate is virtually indestructible so there’s very little chance of it becoming damaged in-transit – leaving you stress-free and able to enjoy your conservatory in comfort, whatever the weather.

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