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Energy Saving, high performance sheet Multiwall – Structured Polycarbonate

Double Glazing Systems® Multiwall sheets are a product of the most advanced manufacturing techniques. Their multiwall structure allows to meet the most exacting application performance demands.

Available in thicknesses ranging from 4 mm to 60 mm with a wide choice of different structures, Double Glazing Systems® Multiwall sheets are at the cutting edge when it comes to efficiency, energy savings and optical and mechanical properties.

The new range of Double Glazing Systems Multiwall products (‘5X’, ‘M structure’ and ’10XES’ structure) have been developed to provide extra strength for buildings and architectural projects including swimming pool enclosures, retractable pool enclosures, covered walkways, industrial buildings, sports centres, stadia and conservatory glazing replacement.

Multiwall is available with a variety of treatments including various colours, athermic heat shield and Longlife co-extruded UV layer. Although light in weight, Multiwall is 200 times stronger than glass and virtually shatterproof.

Double Glazing Systems® Multiwall sheets are covered by a manufacture’s 10-year warranty against yellowing, ageing and hailstones.



Currently in stock: 6mm (clear), 10mm (clear, bronze, opal), 16mm (clear, bronze, opal, athermic) 25mm (clear, bronze, opal, athermic, bronze-opal and the NEW IR GOLD and IR BLUE) 35mm (clear, bronze, opal, athermic, and bronze-opal) Other configurations are available, please enquire

Fire Performance

Double Glazing Systems is classed as self-extinguishing, does not emit poisonous toxic gasses and has been independently tested to most European standards, including Class 1 fire rating to BS476 part 7 and BS476 part 6 It has a Class 1 surface spread of flame and can be recommended for use as a Class O building material

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