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Safety Is The Name Of The Game In Welsh Rugby Thanks To Double Glazing Systems

Safety is the name of the game in Welsh rugby thanks to Double Glazing Systems


Where safety issues are concerned, strength and durability are qualities that are most important when looking to provide protection.

This is why Gwent Dragons rugby team approached Double Glazing Systems to supply its unique Multiwall polycarbonate for their new dugout roof.

Versatile and immensely durable to the point of being near indestructible, Double Glazing Systems Multiwall polycarbonate offers protection against extreme weather conditions and in this case – projectiles. With the addition of Newport Football team to the grounds, it was decided that a roof would be required to protect both players and support staff from overzealous spectators.

With Multiwall clear offering the added benefit of visibility and light enhancement it was the obvious choice for this roofing solution.

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