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Sash Window Repair And Double Glazing Systems

Sash window repair and double glazing systems

Sash window repair and double glazing systems:

Sash window repair and double glazing systems can now be installed at the same time with a view to saving money on entirely replacing wooden sash windows and extrusions. This is a breakthrough that will only benefit the homeowner saving them thousands on an entire new double glazing system.

Normally sash window repair would only be considered as a stand alone service. However, now with advanced technology sash window draught proofing and window restoration can be combined with a quality Pilkington double glazed unit to really improve the thermal efficiency of homes. It’s well known that double glazing helps save money on heating and can also improve the ambience of your home. It’s little known however that draught proofing and renovation can be combined with this service to produce amazing results on your windows that are original. This service is extremely common if your based in London with over one hundred companies offering the service.

This sash window repair service combined with double glazing systems results in a high quality finish that leaves a homeowner with original sash windows that look aa authentic as the say they were built without the inherent problems you’ll normally find with sash windows of over a hundred years in age. Sash window repair is common and can certainly bring old windows up to scratch, it won’t however stop the problems associated with old windows. They’ll rattle, and allow far too much cold to pass into the property. When you consider the price of double glazing and the price of gas having this brilliant sash window repair upgrade is a no brainer.

how to succesfully carry out sash window repair in London

How to succesfully carry out sash window repair in London

How sash window repair is done:

The way this is done is quite simple. Firstly sash windows are removed from the frame and this gives a good opportunity to thoroughly inspect the condition of the joinery. It’s at this point that the sills can be replaced or lower rails can be repaired. This is an effective way to save money and benefit from correct procedure on your sash windows. This is debated in depth as to the genuine value for money. Now once all the repairs are effected the sash can then be rebated to allow for a double glazed unit. This restoration process allows for an uprated window for a fraction of the actual replacement price. Granted there is still decoration to consider however thats quite normal according to London Sash Window Repairs Ltd manager James Gaskin. He says “double glazing original sash windows is a brilliant way to save money in homes for London”. He further adds “Sash window repair gives homeowners the opportunity to make good on their original joinery.”

If you’d like to learn more about this information then please take a look at the reference provided here.

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